Marie will appear as Lady Macbeth in 'FEAST or Womens appetite for Shakespeare' at the Shakespeare festival in York, 11 & 12th of May.

From the end of the 16th and into the 17th century, William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays with a staggering 1,191 individual characters: 147 women and 1,044 men. This is one story about 6 of those women, from different parts of the world, and even different times. Shakespeare, little did he know, that centuries later, his characters will come together, off the page once more. But this time just for dinner. Although it is never just dinner, is it?     

- beginbegin.co.uk

12-24th of August Marie will perform in SAGA, a new bilingual adaptation of Strindberg's 'A Dream Play' at Greenside in Edinburgh. 

"...Marie Rabe’s brilliant portrayal of the narcissistic young selfie obsessed woman who spends her day eating “offensively expensive porridge”, avoiding poor people, meditating and searching for more ‘Likes’. Marie captures the mannerisms and vocabulary with uncanny accuracy." 

- LondonTheatre1



Richard III

by Scrawny Cat Theatre

'Anne, sympathetically played by Marie Rabe. Anne is a problematic role for an actor, given how quickly she shifts from upbraiding the devil Richard for murdering her husband and father to giving in to his serpentine logic - but Rabe brings out her vulnerability and essential self-doubt.'

                                     - www.litro.com


You Left Me In The Dark

Winner of the Argus Angel award, by Spunglass Theatre

'extremely strong performance – from Marie Rabe as the faltering optimist Nina' 

                                              - The Argus

'Nina, portrayed by the luminous Marie Rabe ... it is Rabe’s subtle tears and determination to keep busy that is particularly heartbreaking'

                                              - The Public Reviews



adapted from The Glass Menagerie, by Spunglass Theatre

'a standout performance from Marie Rabe as the eponymous heroine'

                                              - Total Theatre

'a strong, affecting central performance from Marie' 

                                              - Fringe Review

'featuring Marie Rabe's insightful interpretation of Laura, this show is adorable' 

                                                - Three Weeks